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Dale Husband and Vitale had an engaging kōrero about ‘A Canoe Before The Wind’ on E-Tangata, an online Sunday magazine, powered by the Mana Trust, which is on a mission to boost the Māori and Pacific presence in New Zealand’s media landscape. It’s wonderful to see such important conversations happening in a platform dedicated to the empowerment of our communities.

You’re a very high achiever and I’m pleased that those who determine important positions have recognised your skills and have appointed you as a leader in many different areas of service. Such as the Counties Manukau South area commander — and being the first Sāmoan in that role. Being the first Pasifika in the armed offenders squad, special tactics group and anti-terrorist squad, and so on.
But when you sign up to the police or the army, if there’s a job to be done, I guess you’ve just got to do it even though personally you may have some different attitudes.

Dale Husband