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“Old Dog Learns New Tricks”

It was great to present to Indicator and their Syndicate and Academy members on value-based leadership during lockdown. It was an insightful experience as it was only my second virtual keynote and facilitated session so COVID-19 does have its positives.  Face to face and virtual platforms both work well and the biggest learnings for me was virtual needs you to really focus on your message.  Rather than my usual 50-minute keynote, my presentation and Q & A condensed to a 30-minute virtual session.  I had to concentrate on my pace, tone, eye contact and duration as well as breaking some face to face habits such as gesturing with my hands and overuse of power point slides. A great experience heading into what keynotes look like post COVID-19.  So, remember sit on your hands and keep smiling.

First Virtual Keynote with Ellerslie’s Barfoot and Thompson Team

Ready for Second Round of Virtual Workshop/ Key Note with Indicator

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