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Staying connected is so important over this time.  When I was unwell, I spent 18 months recuperating at home before I returned to the workforce.  My new now was isolation and the loss of structure of going to work each day, meetings, conference calls, and lunch breaks with colleagues.  Things we all take for granted until we don’t have it anymore.  Like now.

Instead, I was at home in my own little bubble living in my new now.

What I found was I had subconsciously created my new social connections filling in the gaps of what I had before.  I became friends with the local gym owners and gym goers that I would see each morning at the gym.  I got to know the staff at the local supermarket, and they acknowledged and chatted to me as I became more familiar with them.  I knew the local café owner and staff and they would serve my coffee and favourite muffin without even placing an order.

These new connections albeit casual gave me a sense of connection and social purpose, which we don’t know, exists until we don’t have it anymore.

So, in this time of lockdown staying connected with family, friends and work colleagues is important.  It drives our basic inner need of belonging to be part of a wider pack, family, group, and our team.   Not in isolation, we now find ourselves in so we must adapt in these uncertain times.

Pick up the phone, call your connections and have a chat.  We have time now to spend time so chat on the phone not via email or text.  The opportunity to enjoy our past social norms reverting to things that we once did intuitively that seem so foreign today.   You won’t get this opportunity again so take it, because after lockdown we will be back to our busy lives and devices.

While out walking and maintaining social distancing, say hello to those you pass – even if it’s a friendly smile.

Appreciating people, we see each day family included and not taking them for granted such as café, gym, and supermarket staff.  They may one day be your new social connections so treat them with respect, acknowledge and thank them for their service.