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Success Stories

It’s helpful to learn more about Impactful Conversations by hearing what others have to say. We’re grateful to be able to post feedback from some of Vitale’s clients, and below you will find some of their stories.

Diversity and Inclusiveness

For over 20 years, Vitale was a key advocate leading diversity and inclusiveness for the NZ Police.  In 1998 he grew diversity leadership through training, mentorship, course design and facilitated workshops which strategically…

“You will always be a legend and inspiration to us.”

N.Z Police


Vitale uses real-life case- studies and practical situations to give insight into leadership. His vast and in-depth experience in leading people is thought provoking and insightful.   First promoted as a People Leader in 1988 he…

“As a Police Negotiator, we had lots to do with him…was always calm and sure under pressure.”

N.Z Police

Motivational and Inspirational

Vitale grew up in Grey Lynn and left school as a 17-year-old with no skills or qualifications which, sadly was a reality for many Pasifika youths back in the 1980s.  Working as a labourer he had dreams of …

“There is a Samoan saying Ua ta fia Falealili fua. I am a proud Samoan, but I was inspired and even more proud to be a Samoan that evening listening to you.”

TasiSKYCITY, Auckland 2018

Business Design & Strategy

In 2016 a Safety and Security Management Company merged with a language and teaching provider in Auckland.  It was part of a restructuring and growth period for the company which sought the expertise of a business advisor…

“Vitale prepared a strategic plan that analysed competition and market opportunity for the way ahead.”

Managing Director Australasia 2017