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Vitale uses real-life case- studies and practical situations to give insight into leadership.

His vast and in-depth experience in leading people is thought provoking and insightful. First promoted as a People Leader in 1988 he brings over 30 years of lessons hard learnt through practical and relevant examples. His first exposure to leadership in 1982 was in the NZ Army which formed the foundation of his leadership traits which still guide him to this day. Over many years Vitale’ situational exposure evolved and matured his leadership style, transitioning seamlessly to whatever position he found himself in. The roles were not only varied and challenging but dynamic and consequence of action far reaching. From leading small dynamic to large complex teams, Vitale has led them all.

Comfortable chairing community meetings, business mentoring, leading boardroom discussions, and General Manager staff engagements, to commanding NZ Police tactical operators in highly dangerous situations. Vitale’ leadership journey is fascinating, influential, and relevant to all organisations.


  • Relentless Pursuit of Excellence
  • Performance Builder


What I love about VJ is he always makes you feel so valued no matter what he is saying. A born leader, we are so blessed to have travelled to Samoa with the Samoan NZ Police contingent in 2012 for the 50th Independence with him as our leader.

SarahNZ Police, Contingency to Samoa 50th Year Independence Celebrations 2012

Wonderful Man as a Police Negotiator, we had lots to do with him…was always calm and sure under pressure. Yes…RESPECT AND TRUST - Great Boss and even better person, Respect Sir

NZ PoliceNegotiating Team 2015

Such an inspirational man, leader and colleague. A pleasure to work with always. Never a grumpy or stressed day.

LisaNZ Police 2015

An incredible amount of RESPECT for VJ. To know someone with the highest of achievements and deepest of humility is rare indeed. An unparalleled honour.

PaulNZ Police 2015

“As a high personal achiever, role model, leader, motivator and many more he deserves it far more than many. Humble he certainly is but he well deserves recognition for his personal and career achievements and the example he has shown.”

DeniseNZ Police 2015

VJ the legend, a true Polynesian role model. Can’t wait for the book to be released one day. The best boss I ever had at Avondale.

Oximus DavidNZ Police 2015

You have been an absolute rock. Your leadership, knowledge, and mentorship has helped me and the team beyond words.

Senior ManagerWestpac NZ 2019