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Vitale grew up in Grey Lynn and left school as a 17-year-old with no skills or qualifications which, sadly was a reality for many Pasifika youths back in the 1980s.

Working as a labourer he had dreams of one day joining the Police and Army however the reality was a future destined for hardship and poverty.   Living life from payday to payday and weekends spent socialising and intoxicated, the years merged into one as low self-esteem and mediocracy became the norm. Socialising with likeminded people and racial inequality fuelled resentment and rebellious behaviour until a defining event occurred in 1982 which changed his life forever. 

Vitale has a fascinating story of determination and single mindedness which saw him rise out of a life of struggle and emotional self-imploding. He went on to forge a long and distinguished career in Police and Army which spanned over 35 years.

Inspire Success

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Aifai Tauranga City Council 2019

“You represent every young islander and our way of life. We all process the traits you carry but we need to believe in ourselves more!”

Ultimately resounding success

Unfortunately, in 2015 major health problems caused his early retirement from Police which set in motion a series of mental and physical struggles. Drawing on all his mental toughness and physical strength Vitale reassessed and relaunched himself in 2017 as a General Manager, Board Director, Business Mentor and Impactful Conversationalist.

Extraordinary mind set best describes Vitale’ captivating and inspirational story of hardship, emotional and physical challenges, mindfulness and resilience and ultimately resounding success.


Very interesting guest speaker Vitale Lafaele at the Fire and Emergency Volunteer Leaders Conference tonight in Rotorua. Insightful

ClaireFENZ 2019

Very inspired. Our young ones need to listen to you. You represent every young islander and our way of life. We all process the traits you carry but we need to believe in ourselves more.

AifaiTauranga City Council 2019

“I’ve got to say you are one of the very few speakers that I am very impressed with! I am very pleased to have met you and your talk is one of the highlight events I have had coming to NZ for the very first time. Thank you very much.”

PatrickInternational Police Association NZ Tour 2016

“Thank you for attending our Awards evening and sharing your amazing journey. There is a Samoan saying Ua ta fia Falealili fua. I am a proud Samoan, but I was inspired and even more proud to be a Samoan that evening listening to you.”

TasiSKYCITY Auckland 2018

“I spoke with a young leader at our Rotary Club and mentioned he heard Vitale speak at their recent Rotary Youth Leadership Awards dinner. He was so impressed with Vitale’ leadership and motivational keynote that he had one of Vitale’ quotes tattooed on his forearm to motivate and inspire him everyday. Very impressive and obviously made a huge difference in this young man’s life.”

RichardRYLA Rotary International 2017